About Us

Products For Your Life's Quest

MyQuest Is Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Products

Headquartered near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Greenville, SC, MyQuest creates exceptional products to support a healthy, adventurous lifestyle. We hope you’ll choose our products to support your next yoga workout, outdoor adventure, or trip across the globe!

How we deliver exceptional products:

  • Superior materials. At every step of the way, our goal is to user thicker, stronger, better materials than our competitors.
  • Extensive engineering. We invest the extra time and money required to engineer our products for long-lasting use.
  • Quality production. We maintain a close relationship with our manufacturing partners (including frequent onsite visits) to ensure quality standards stay high.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our products – if you’re not happy, contact us for a replacement or refund. Read our guarantee details.
  • Dedicated customer service. Whether you have an issue, a question, or an idea, we’ll be here with a quick response! Contact us.


The spirit of MyQuest can be summed up in these four words:


Achieving an optimal balance is key in every aspect of life. We create products that help you achieve balance in your yoga practice, in your travels, and anywhere else life challenges you.


Life is a journey, and we want to create products that will help you explore and experience new adventures on your journey!


Your health is your most valuable asset. Without it, you can’t enjoy any of life’s other joys. We create products that help you live a healthier life full of joy!


We are committed to building a company of integrity by creating high quality products, being honest with our customers, and standing behind our words with a satisfaction guarantee.